Teachers who are ready to transition their careers from the classroom to administration should pursue an educational leadership degree. There are many accredited Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership programs available online through colleges and universities. Most states require principals, vice principals and district administrators to attain similar certification, so the academic and curriculum standards for these online programs is robust and challenging.

Degree Benefits

The goal of Educational Leadership degree programs is to train students how to build and maintain nurturing, inclusive and collaborative learning environments. Educational leadership programs focus on teacher performance at all career stages and student achievement at all grade levels. Degree participants learn how to motivate disinterested students, develop rapport with students and challenge students to overcome problems and pursue academic excellence. They also learn how to help teachers reach their potential through focusing on continuous improvement and collaborative support. This degree includes courses in curriculum planning, instructional strategy, classroom management and communication techniques.

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Degree Variables

An online master’s in educational leadership comes with scheduling flexibility. Traditional degree programs require students to be physically present in classrooms for predetermined periods of time. This offers structure and consistency, but it also prevents most working adults from pursuing a degree full time. Individuals who earn their degrees online can study whenever they want, so this is beneficial for those who have work, personal and familial responsibilities. Online degree programs do come with specific deadlines for online posts, discussions, projects and assignments. Anyone who earns an educational leadership degree online will benefit from the cheaper costs. This is especially important for teachers who are consistently underpaid and overworked.

Career Outcomes

There are excellent career outcomes after an individual earns a degree in educational leadership. First, the individual is better prepared and competent to handle the challenging duties of being a school administrator. This because the individual has learned soft skills related to leading, motivating and developing students and teachers. The individual will be fully prepared to take on critical community members during public meetings. Almost all school districts require principals and other school administrators to hold master’s degrees, so this will help the degree holders meet educational employment requirements. Due to the fact that school districts and communities value higher education leadership positions, they pay those with master’s degrees more than those with bachelor’s degrees.

Career Options

The most common job for a person who has a master’s degree in educational leadership is elementary, middle or high school principal. These school administrators are the leaders of their buildings, so they are involved with hiring, discipline, curriculum and community contact. Instructional coordinators help develop curriculum for educational programs by ensuring that the content taught in class aligns with established goals. Instructional coordinators use their knowledge of classroom operations to improve curriculum quality and implementation. School career counselors will be expected to have a master’s in educational leadership with training in psychology. They work with students to identify and resolve academic problems.

The most reputable educational leadership degree programs will feature accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) or the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This private accreditation is the best assurance that the program meets national quality standards. Earning an educational leadership degree online is the key to career advancement for school staff and teachers alike.

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