Being a school principal is an incredibly rewarding job, though it certainly comes with its fair share of challenges. In order to be a school principal, individuals must exhibit a variety of different traits and characteristics that will help their schools run well. School principals aren’t just worried about the students that are in their school, but they have to manage the teachers as well. If you are wondering if you have what it takes to become a good principal, here are some things to consider.

Leadership And Vision

In order to be respected and admired by his or her peers, a principal must exhibit leadership throughout the day. Before the school bell rings, the principal must do his or her best to get in touch with teachers who need assistance in order to be sure that everyone is able to serve their students well. In addition, principals must act as leaders when working with students, as this will give students a role model to look up to.

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In addition to leadership, principals need to have a vision for the future. A principal is more than just an authoritative figure to those at the school. Principals also represent the entire school at district meetings. In order to show that they care about their school, principals should have a vision for improvement and how to make their school stand out among others in the future.


Showing good leadership doesn’t mean that a principal is hard on staff and students. Some think that in order to be viewed as a strong leader, they must rule with an iron fist. However, good principals that can balance being an authoritarian while also showing care for those around will be the most respected. For those that have a hard time balancing their emotions when working with others, they’ll find it difficult to be respected.

Consistency Is Key

Where balance can come in tricky is when it comes to finding consistency. Students should be treated the same way for the things that they do, whether it’s being rewarded for something good or punished for something bad. This same mindset should be kept in place for teachers and staff as well. If there is too much inconsistency from a principal, those around will not know what to expect and it can disrupt the level of comfort in the school.


Many principals find their way into administration after years of being a teacher. It’s during these years that they can learn from students and other teachers to be more patient. Having patience is incredibly important as a principal. Not everyone is going to have the same mindset or ideals as the principal. Furthermore, having students or staff that are struggling can be frustrating, but it requires attention and patience to push them to be their best.

School principals have a chance to impact the lives of many people in their community. They represent the school, of course, but they also show the potential that any person can achieve. In order to be a good principal, one must have leadership skills and vision, be balanced and consistent with students and staff, and exhibit great patience. If you believe you have these qualities, make a difference in the lives of many and pursue a career as a principal.

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