Education Leadership Degrees can be earned at all degree levels and can lead to opportunities for advancements in educational leadership positions and salaries. Positions in leadership include but are not limited to public and private school principals, university instructors, directors of non-profit educational organizations, college provost, superintendent of schools, and directors of research. Degrees can be earned online as accelerated programs or at ground universities. Choose the degree program which best suits your professional and personal goals.

Early Childhood Education Leadership Bachelor’s Degree

This unique Bachelor’s degree program prepares students for leadership roles in Early Childhood Education programs. This program can be completed fully online in just eighteen months. It’s a non-licensure program for those interested in becoming preschool teachers or program directors. Students have the choice of concentration in Leadership and Administration or Pre-kindergarten Teacher.

Featured Programs

Bachelor of Science in Leadership Degree

Bachelor of Science degree programs in Educational Leadership are available as accelerated online programs or campus-based university. The online programs are non-licensure. A complete guide to online schools can be found at Guide to Online Schools . The campus-based programs include licensure and require completion of student teaching.

Graduate Certificate in K-12 Educational Leadership Online Degree

This graduate certificate in K-12 Educational Leadership is ideal for educators already working in the field who wish to become certified in Educational Leadership. Master level courses include legal issues in education, school finance and operations, diversity,school improvement, and supervision. Courses can be taken completely online.

Master of Arts (MAT) Program in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies

This type of degree provides students with joint knowledge and experience in policy, organizational leadership, inquiry and assessment, and leadership in teaching and learning. Students also focus on cultural diversity, learning theory, and school reform. Students are prepared to assume roles as school and district leaders. Both online and campus-based program are available.

Master of Science (MS) in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Educational Leadership degree students are prepared for high-level leadership roles in public, private, and charter schools. These degrees also prepare students to teach in higher education.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership

An Ed.D in Educational Leadership degree is offered both online and in traditional universities. Students with an Ed.D are prepared to lead and manage change in schools. Possible career paths for Ed.D graduates include but are not limited to president, provost, vice president, researchers, superintendent, university instructors, and policy developers.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Educational Leadership

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Educational Leadership is concentrated in research and data analysis within several educational contexts. Students gain a strong foundation in theory to apply to research and practice. The completion of a dissertation is required. On average, the degree can be completed in three and a half years.

Whether you are at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree level, there’s an Educational Leadership Degree program for you. To help you find specific schools with degree programs in Educational Leadership go to . With growing needs for school improvements in safety, school policy, teacher accountability, academic achievement, and curriculum development, it’s a great time to be looking into Education Leadership Degrees.