When deciding a major and minor combination, it is important for students to consider a variety of factors. College should be viewed as a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about anything and everything. With that in mind, choosing a minor to compliment the Education Leadership degree is a complicated question. There are plenty of minors that would suit someone who is going to be a teacher, school administrator or principal in the future. In addition, there are plenty of subjects that would be of interest to an educator. Here is a look at some of the possibilities.

Education Law:

With legal issues being prevalent throughout the education system, it is important for teachers and school administrators to be well aware of legal matters. Quite often, educators will only have a brief understanding of the law, and this can lead to rash and inappropriate decisions that only make matters worse. Educators that got an Education Law minor along with their Education Leadership major will have a firm understanding of the various legal issues that challenge schools across the nation.

Business or Finance:

It may seem unusual to pair an education major with a business or financial degree, but it is very common. Aside from having to manage teachers, students and deal with parents, school superintendents, assistant superintendents and principals must help balance budgets.

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Most schools have budget departments, but the final decision on any important issue rests with principals and superintendents. Those educators who took the time to study finance in college will be in a far better position to balance the books, allocate funds appropriately, and forecast what the school’s money situation will look like in two or three years.

Aside from that, having a finance minor also gives students the possibility of a career change midway through their life. It is not guaranteed that you will feel as passionate about education in 20 years as you do right now. When you are 45, married and looking to earn more money, that finance minor may come in handy.


Being in a leadership position at a school or college is an important responsibility. Aside from dealing with facts and figures, these educators must manage the various personalities in their chosen environment. Teachers come in all types, and superintendents often have to perform a delicate balancing act to please everyone.

Psychology minors are great for anyone who is looking to gain an understanding about how different personalities think. By having that understanding, a superintendent would be in a better position to understand their fellow educators, students, parents, and administrators.

Interests vs. Future Planning:

When the topic of picking a minor comes into consideration, students often find themselves facing a tough decision. With so many interesting subjects to choose from, the temptation is there to pick art, philosophy or some other interesting subject. However, a student should think about how that minor will impact them in five, ten or fifteen years. Will an art or philosophy minor be as useful as a finance, psychology or educational law minor? No.

Choosing a minor is never easy, especially at great colleges that have a variety of engrossing programs. However, a student should think about their future when they are selecting a minor to compliment their Educational Leadership major, not just choose the subject that seems the most interesting.