If you have ever contemplated the pursuit of a graduate level degree in order to pursue a career in the field of education, you may have wondered about whether obtaining an online master of educational leadership degree would be possible. By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to it.

Can You Earn A Master’s in Educational Leadership Online?

Individuals interested in learning whether they will be able to attain a master’s in educational leadership online should know that the answer is yes. There are a wide variety of learning institutions that offer this degree program, and enrolling is simply a matter of selecting the online program that would be most appropriate and advantageous for you. To begin the process, you can simply enter a key phrase such as “online master of educational leadership degree.”

Some Considerations

If you are thinking about earning your master’s in educational leadership online, you may have several general questions regarding obtaining a degree in this format. There are several benefits that can result from attaining a degree online, and one of the most pertinent is scheduling flexibility. When one earns a degree in the traditional format, she or he is required to be in a physical classroom for specific, predetermined periods of time. However, individuals who earn their degrees online can study whenever it is convenient for them. This means that an online student could take an educational leadership exam at 3 am if necessary or preferable. While the scheduling flexibility that results from obtaining a degree online can be advantageous for everyone, it is oftentimes particularly beneficial for individuals who have familial responsibilities or hold full-time jobs.

Featured Programs

In addition to providing students with the convenience of scheduling flexibility, individuals who opt to earn a master’s in educational leadership online may also gain the benefit of cheaper costs. In many cases, online learners end up paying less than people who study through the traditional format given that they do not have to pay for things like recreational facility fees or equipment use fees. Additionally, online learners do not necessarily have to pay the costs associated with traveling to a physical campus, such as gas.

The Master’s in Educational Leadership Online-Considering Costs

In recognizing the great value of being able to attain a master’s in educational leadership at a reasonable cost, GetEducated.com published a list of what it deems the best buys for degrees in this sector. The top 10 schools on the list of 26 learning institutions included:

  1. Lamar University
  2. American College of Education
  3. Fort Hays State University
  4. University of Texas Online Consortium
  5. Emporia State University
  6. University of Nebraska at Kearney
  7. The University of West Florida
  8. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  9. Ball State University
  10. University of Louisiana at Monroe

If you are looking for a reasonably priced learning institution, you may want to consider the universities listed here.

An Important Consideration

If you opt to earn your master’s in educational leadership online, you should note that there are several characteristics that employers look for in order to determine whether your degree is valid. Those three characteristics include local accreditation, a physical campus, and an established brand. With this idea in mind, you may want to select an online learning school that possesses all three of these characteristics so you can be the most marketable job candidate possible.


If you have given thought to obtaining a master’s in educational leadership online, you should know that you can do so online. Now that you know you can obtain an online master of educational leadership degree, you can begin researching various learning institutions in order to determine which one you should earn your degree from.