If you are thinking about getting a master’s of education degree (or you have been working with your degree now for years) and are considering working outside of the field of education, you may be wondering if you can use a master’s of education degree in the business world. It is definitely possible to use a master’s of education degree in business, but these jobs may be harder to find. Below introduces three of the most common jobs in business for people with a graduate degree in education.

Professional Training Specialist

Corporations use professional training specialists to collaborate with management regarding curriculum and leadership development. Their collective goal is to develop effective learning plans for departments and individuals that support corporate goals and directions. They often oversee projects to help employees learn how to use new technologies or information systems. They must have strong presentation, interpersonal and customer service skills.

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Professional training specialists must have a solid understanding of instructional design within digital and classroom frameworks. They may be asked to help implement online training systems for employees to access on-demand. These training modules are often used in conjunction with internal certifications, raises and promotions. They will use their understanding of the components of successful professional development to help employees reach their goals and companies fulfill their training initiatives.

Project Manager

Those who have a master’s of education degree can work in the business world as project managers who oversee various employee training and development programs. For example, some of these training managers focus on leadership or technology initiatives through local colleges that provide on-site training for employees. They must provide support through executing project plans, monitoring ongoing progress and reaching goals. At the beginning of each project, they will identify key resources, establish organizational structure and supervise project teams.

Project managers provide direction for meeting the project deliverables by managing day-to-day activities. They clarify roles and define responsibilities for both team members and project stakeholders. Project managers facilitate problem-solving and clarify issues between internal team members and external partners, such as university representatives. They must also continually analyze performance against standards to make adjustments as needed and report variances to leaders. Project managers who deal with information technology (IT) must have excellent organizational and scheduling skills.

Licensure Program Manager

The academic world of colleges and universities depend on business professionals to oversee various programs and departments. For example, teacher or health care licensure program managers are responsible for bridging the gap between academic programming and state licensure requirements. They spend the majority of their time designing, coordinating and implementing licensure management programs. On the academic side, they must ensure that their university’s academic components meet applicable licensure requirements.

On the business side, they represent their organization at state-wide licensure meetings, public events and other related activities. While they are required to teach a few credit hours each semester, most of their time is spent collaborating with various divisions overseeing curriculum development and documentation processing. Licensure program managers must also hire, train, support and supervise staff. They are tasked with building partnerships with community organizations, so they serve as the main point-person for various activities.

If you are ready for a change and want to use your master’s of education degree in business, you can choose from a variety of fields. These include academia, technology, human resources and health care. Finding the best fit for you, will depend upon your personal interests and skills.

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