The field of education, like any large industry or field, has many sub-categories and niches of it’s own. Educational Leadership specifically relates to administration of educational institutions, faculty and staff, as well as curriculum and instruction. Typically, Educational Leadership offers the highest level within the education field as a whole. Opportunities exist on public and private primary and secondary schools, in addition to higher education institutions. The question of what an average salary is for someone that has an Educational Leadership degree is common and varies by state, as well as educational level.

K-12 Campus Administrators

Public schools offer more job opportunities in the elementary and secondary education field. This is because there are vastly more public than private schools. Some of the more expensive private schools will pay their campus level administrators more money, but according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for building level Principal’s in K-12 education is $87,760 (as of 2012.) This information can be found at BLS. Jobs in this career field also include Assistant Principals that assist in the day-to-day operation of the schools. While they pay significantly more than a classroom teacher, they are below that of the Principal.

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District Level Administrators

School districts, and chartering organizations will employ a certain number of administrators for oversight and support of multiple campuses. These positions include curriculum, facilities and operations, federal programs, etc. There is also usually a Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. The salaries of these individuals differ greatly from state-to-state. Seen as the Chief Executive Officers for school districts, the median salary across the United States for a Superintendent is $144,517 per year. This information is available through

Salary and Contract Terms and Requirements

While the typical teacher works approximately nine months of a year, educational leaders will work more days and often longer hours. Contracted time is typically more hours per day and more months of the year. Most all district level employees find themselves working a full twelve month contract, with a certain number of weeks for vacation. Principal’s and Assistant Principal’s will typically work between eleven and twelve months per year. Principal’s over campuses with athletic teams will be required to supervise evening events and attend concerts and other school functions. For this reason, additional stipends, or higher salaries are often paid to these individuals than Principal’s over younger grades with less after hours activities.

Educational Leadership Overview

While administration in private sector business will often pay more, for those that are committed to the field of education, will find that leadership positions offer a higher financial compensation. Educational leaders are called upon to be true experts in the area of administration, curriculum, oversight and logistics for all things related to education. They must motivate, inspire and lead a faculty of passionate individuals for the sake of furthering the future of our world. For this reason, those that possess this degree and seek a career in this niche are more well compensated for their work.